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Special Private Treatments

Below is a list of some of our services and prices, please contact us for more  information

Relative analgesia - HAPPY GAS - from £150.00/visit

If your are nervous about treatment, Happy Gas may be for you. You'll need to bring an escort and be monitored for 2 hours after but it can really take the edge off treatment.

It's really useful for particularly children but also adults who might struggle with difficult procedures like an extraction

Image: 2017-02/icon-infiltration.png Icon infiltration - from £300/tooth

If you have white patches on your teeth, Icon Infiltration could remove it. Icon Infiltration does not require any drilling - the teeth are isolated and the stain polished out with a special solvent. Then a clean resin is infused into the teeth to finish stain removal.

Opalustre polish - £80

Opalustre is another polishing system using a special bioacceptable solvent to remove white patches from teeth . It can be used on its own or with Icon infiltration.

Air polish - £87.50

If you want a quick cost-effective clean to remove stains, an Air polish clean could be for you - it's done by firing microscopic particles of precipitated calcium carbonate at the tooth that lifts stain gently without causing any damage.

Supplemental Oxygen / Positive anion - from £90.00

We all get a bit anxious at the dentist even if we do not realise it. If you are having a procedure that you feel is difficult to cope with, we can give you oxygen before, during and/or after your treatment. Oxygen can relax you and help mind and body to cope.

Braces - from £1200

If you have unsightly teeth, Braces can be the solution. Treatment takes from 6 months to 2 years (in general) and is in the form of a fixed brace with brackets and an archwire.

SnapOnSmile(SoS) - from £1200

SOS is not for everyone - if you have crooked teeth but don't want to have them drilled in any way then SOS could be the solution. SOS is a veneer denture that fits over your existing teeth transforming their appearance. Although it is just a removable denture, many younger people and models are opting for this as quick, simple and removable solution to improving your smile WITHOUT ANY DRILLING OF TEETH!

PAD Laser Clean : Photo Activated Disinfection - from £100

Infection reduction is the cornerstone of a successful treatment, whether you're having a deep clean for gum infections or a treatment for infection inside of the tooth (e.g. root filling or filling), a PAD laser clean will zap 99.99% of microbes making your treatment more successful. It's painless and quick so why not add this to your treatment?!

Needle free injections - from £60

Many of us don't like injections but see it as a necessary part of dental treatment . In certain situations, the needle free injection can numb your teeth and gums; It's really great for the children who are understandably nervous about treatment for the first time. Let's face it, we can all feel a little bit put off with injections sometimes. Injections without a needle could make your dental visit just that little bit more comfortable.